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The Merit cross is late war style in good condition, although the bronzing has been lost to time due to the zinc base metal. The document itself is in excellent shape with a nice Clear signature of the Flak Commander. Schilffarth-Ludwig1

Here is some info about the Generalleutnant who Signed the document:

Schilffarth, Ludwig, born 22-11-1894 in Mainstockheim, Kitzingen, joined the Army, age 18, on 01-10-1913, as a war volunteer with the 9th Bavarian Infantry Regiment . Schillfarth, Ludwig, served in the first war as a Platoon and Company Leader with the 24th Bavarian Infantry Regiment and Ordinance Officer the Regiments Staff. Schilffarth remained in the new Reichswehr ?and was transferred to the Luftwaffe ?on 01-11-1935. With the outbreak of World War II he as an Oberst and?commander of the 23rd Flak Regiment until 25-10-1939. Commander of the 202nd Flak Regiment to 15-07-1940 and at the same time acting commander of Air Defence Command in Berlin, Gauleiter Josef Goebbels??(did you know). Commander of the 1st Flak Division ?to 19-01-1943, meanwhile a Major General and General of Flak Artillery with the Air Region Command in Italy until 30-09-1943. German General with the Italian Flak forces to 31-01-1944 and commander of Special Purpose Air Defence Command in Denmark, to 19-02-1944, now a Lieutenant General.?The youngest Lieutenant General in WWII with 36, was Theodor Tolsdorff, the youngest General, with 42,?Walter ?Wenck. Successively commander of the 4th Flak Division to 31-10-1944 and General of Flak Artillery with Air Region Command VI until, 31-12-1944. His last command was as Commanding General of the VI Flak corps and landed in Allied captivity on 08-05-1945.

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