Early Kriegsmarine NCO Visor Cap


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Ulta rare and in superb condition, this early NCO (Unteroffizierdiensttuer) pre-war Kriegsmarine peaked visor dates from around 1935.? The outer blue wool?top is still?clean and in mint codition.??Inside the top, these visors usually had a small circular metal band along the upper inner edge which acted as a stiffner to the hat.?These bands?were often removed to give the visor a “softer” or more relaxed appearance, as this example bears. This visor retains its gorgeous stamped gilt metal national emblem, which ?is of?a stick?pin configuration, and homogenous to the cap.??Also noteworthy is?the stamped gilt metal wreath and rosette, both?of the army pattern, which were introduced?on March 15, 1935.?The metal wreath was worn for some duration, but often changed out. The fact that this visor retains its original metal wreath and rosette makes this an extremely desirable?visor cap. Most visors encountered bear?hand?embroided wreaths which were of gold or silver bullion, or of a golden yellow Celleon, or aluminum as a substitute material, and were frequently worn during the war, especially by senior NCO’s.??Its leather visor is still in excellent condition, as?is its checkered underside and black lacquered leather trim, double stitched along its outer edge. The black patent leather chinstrap is in fantastic condition, and served as a retaining strap to be placed below the chin when required.?It?is affixed?by two gold anchor buttons on?both sides of visor, and both?seemed to have aged nicely. The visor interior top appears to be of silk construction, in which the celluloid tapezoid is missing. The top silk interior contains?sweat stains and some nice usage. Along the front interior there is a piece of circular cork for liner interior sizing and fitting. The grey leather sweat band has a few minor tears?due to age and its usage, and is of early construction.?The lower?outer band was sewn with a piece of cane on inside to secure the bottom, and it still protrudes. This is a testimony to its early fabrication and construction. The inner part of the grey leather sweatband? bears what appears to be the name H. BUSKER. An extremely enticing visor,?which is becoming almost impossible to find, and is?now considered?more?covetable than Kriegsmarine officers?visors.

Thomas E. Mount II collection.
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