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Recently brought out of hiding for sale! This outstanding example has gorgeous panels showing 90% intact, with little oxidation.?Gold plating around the panel is nearly 95% complete.?Complete with genuine and extremely rare ivory grips and a correctly tied double clove hitch knot. Paul Weyersberg maker. This dagger was originally purchased by Sterling Gambino from Tom Johnson. There is a similar dagger with the same inscription on page 403 of Tom Whittmann’s book on Navy Daggers. It was first thought that the dagger in the book was a one of a kind, and very well may still be in terms of the maker. However, with the existence of this piece we now know that there were at least two, from different makers. It is my opinion, that the daggers were made at slightly different times to commemorate the same event, and because of this, different firms were contracted. You will notice that the dagger listed in Toms book has a slightly different panel design. The dagger in the book was once in the the collection of John Angolia, but is now in the collection of Doug Gow. This particular dagger was purchased without a scabbard originally, and it is possible a scabbard was never made for it. This is truly an outstanding piece and would be at the top of anyone’s collection.
The dedication translates, “In memory of January
25, 1941, 3rd Company
M.N., Group North, Sengwarden”. “M.N.” is an abbreviation
for “Marine
Nachrichten”, or naval communications or intelligence. The town
Sengwarden is location along the North Sea coast, about 10 km
Wilhelmshaven, an area that was heavily fortified for coastal

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