Navy Assault Dirk by E Pack (Post war) *SOLD


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This is a fun piece because of the speculation and controversy it creates. What you are looking at here is a dagger that some say was “only” produced by Puma as a early as 1938. Puma has it listed in a 1939-1940 catalog and they had a picture of it in a 1938 trade magazine. Puma also applied for a patent on the design. Since this piece was never officially released, it is speculated that Puma was trying to leverage Kriegsmarine to accept the Assault design as the new pattern. For whatever reason, the typical 2nd pattern was adopted and the Puma Assault was not. The fun part is that there are known variants, in particular this early style E. Pack. If only Puma was pushing this style as a prototype, why do these others exist? E. Pack stopped using this early mark after 1938…but Puma advertised the style in a 1939-40 catalog. So was E. Pack somehow involved in some of these prototype productions? Did they buy parts from Puma or vice versa? This particular dagger has correct puma style pommel where the leaves alternate right/left/right/left. Supposedly the E. Pack Pommel doesn’t alternate the leaves. But the cross guard eagle doesn’t have the hand enhancing you can see on Puma versions. It must be a parts dagger right? Ok, then why do all the numbers match? Pommel, scabbard, butt plate and cross guard all have “37” struck onto them. Grip and tang are unmarked. On top of all that…the scabbard has the early style single screw as opposed to the Puma versions which have the later two screw design. If you know the scabbard and blade are early and scabbard is numbers matching to the rest of the fittings…logic would conclude that E. Pack was making these before Puma. Would it be possible that E. Pack sold the design to Puma or that Puma copied the design off of a E. Pack Prototype? Could Puma back stab E. Pack and make a legal maneuver to Patent the stolen design as their own? Sounds plausible…with a patented a dagger that could be the new standard issue Navy, Puma would stand to make some serious money . However, we have no documentation that E. Pack made such a piece or sold the design. Until such documentation exists, E. Pack variants will be scrutinized and collected as post war.

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