SGM-104 Gebirgsjager Arm badge (edelweiss flower) elite mountain troops. *REDUCED *SOLD


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The Gebirgsjager arm badgewas first introduced for wear on 2nd May 1 939. It was to be worn on the right upper arm 16 cm from the shoulder seam on the Field Blouse, the tunic and the Great coat by all qualified members of army mountain troop units.The badge consisted of an embroidered Edelweiss flower with white petals and yellow stamens, and with a pale green stem. and leases. Surrounding the flower was a twisted mountaineering rope in matt grey thread with a silver-white piton (spike and ring). The entire design was worked on a dark green oval background. Two forms of this badge exist; the superior quality silk machine-woven type and the felt embroidered version. Reference has been seen to an all pale green machine-woven example of this badge as well as a copper-brown version also silk-woven. This is the rarer light green felt version, in good shape but shows some mothing.

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