SGM-1326 German Army Generals Brocade Belt


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I know what you are thinking…it’s not gold! Take a closer look, especially the reverse. The only distinction between an officers and a generals buckle is the gilding on the generals. If we look closely we can see remaining gilding on the front and a significant amount on the reverse, we can also see remains of a lacquer over the gilding on the reverse under the hook. It is my opinion that this feature could not be replicated in this fashion and that this is in fact a genuine Generals buckle. One can also note the chest feathers on the eagle, which are identical to those on the generals buckle in Bob Evans “Third Reich Belt Buckles” page 58. Also, the Assman and Cie mark is clearly visible. Approximately 47 inches in length not including the buckle, showing almost zero wear. Brocade is  Impossible to upgrade in my opinion. The buckle itself is in great condition but most of the gilding has been removed …likely due to cleaning, as there is no significant wear. We can also ponder the possibility that the buckle was intentionally stripped, so that a regular officer could use it. Its possible extra stock of general buckles needed this done as late war production issues arose. The reverse shows some gilding in the hard to reach spots and the “A” maker mark. A generals buckle alone  is worth $1,000+ but due to the condition issue, the removal of the gilding, we are pricing the brocade and the buckle for 700!

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