SGMCOS-115 Early SA Dagger Carl Eickhorn Ground Rohm *SOLD


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Very early 1934 dagger with fittings that have never been messed with. The pommel nut is more then finger tight and is slightly larger so typical take down tools don’t fit…so I decided to not inspect the cross guard for casting maker marks. They are most likely Piel & Adey though. Fittings are typical early solid nickel construction. The grip is in excellent condition showing some small impressions from the belt and hanger. There are two small areas where there is some minor scratching/chipping near the top of the handle. The grip eagle is in really good shape since it was recessed fairly deep into the grip, protecting it. The SA emblem is in good shape, but shows a few small chips to the enamel, barely noticeable though. The upper cross guard has a couple noticeable dings, but nothing horrible. The larger lower guard is a little better off, with only minor dings. Lower guard is gruppe marked Nrh (Niederrhein).The blade measures abut 20.6 cm from the cross guard and has definitely seen some work. There are still remnants of a deep oxidation that occurred at some point and someone at some point took at very abrasive material and tried to remove the oxidation. This appears to have been done AFTER the initial Rohm grind. The first grind is vertical and deeper and you can see it closer to the Eickhorn logo. The second grind or sanding is horizontal. Luckily we can still see the very top of the first letter in the inscription. This feature is captured in the last photo. Judging by the length, the blade has been re-tipped as well. The motto side of the blade is in far better shape, having not endured such abrasion. There does appears to be lacquer remnants in the mottos recesses. There is also a fairly big ding on one of the edges. The scabbard is the early anodized type a even though the finish is nearly gone, there are no major corrosion problems and only a few small dings. The lower scabbard tip shows a lot of wear and the ball end is dented in. The upper fitting is much better off, but still shows some wear and some marks that lead me to believe it was disassembled by less then careful hands at some point. There was some type of lacquer applied to the scabbard fittings as well. Included is a non standard belt loop, which I believe is and ally added piece.

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