SGMD-100 1st Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger Mid Period By F.W. Holler *SOLD


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As is typical of these earlier non aluminum pieces there is a fair amount of aging to the fittings. The top silver coating has worn down in some areas to reveal the copper/brass base layer that was applied over pot metal for the silver finish to properly adhere to. The pommel and cross guard have a “crackled” appearance. The gold gilding on the pommel and cross guard has faded with age but still appears to be about 75% intact. The leather grip is in good condition showing typical dings and bruises. The grip wire is tight and moves only slightly with pressure. The handle is slightly loose due to shrinking of the wood over time. The blade is a stunner that grades near mint. The blade is high polished steel which shows some character in regards to diagonal cross graining that was not fully polished out. The F.W Holler maker mark is uniformly acid etched and has the correct number of “ticks” in the trademarked thermometer. The leather on the scabbard is very well preserved and grades excellent +. The heavier fittings have a nice patina to them. The upper and lower mounts have two retaining screws and the middle has one. The chain is aluminum with a silver wash and the standard “OLC” inside a diamond.

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