SGMD-102 Japanese Samaurai Sword With Army Fittings *REDUCED


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Nice example of a converted personal sword used in the Japanese army during WW2.
The blade has a shallow spin curvature with a Hiraniku-Kareri style blade curve. The blade shape or back is Iori-Mune style.
The hamon is pretty shallow and remains far from the shinogi or ridge line until about half way up the blade where the hamon widens. The hamon style appears to be similar to sanbon-sugi. The hamon extends to the kissaki or tip, but it is unclear what style is used at the tip since there appears to have been some amount of post production polishing to the kissaki only. It is clear this blade has been meticulously cared for as there are no dings to the Ha or major issues with it at all. There are two light oxidation “veins” both found within the hamon, one on either side. These may be able to be cleaned up if the new owner chooses to do so. The habaki or blade collar is a snug fit but is not stuck and can be removed. The Nakago or tang is a Ha-agari-kuri-jiri style tip. The mekugi-ana or tang hole is interesting in that there is a test hole right next to it. One can assume that this is the result of the conversion process for the army style fittings, as I doubt any blade maker would have let this blade leave his shop. The “rim” that was created when the hole was being drilled is raised above the file marks, it was a late addition to the character of the sword. I would assume who ever was fitting the blade to the new army style Tsuka first thought it would be easier to drill a new mekugi-ana, but then realized it was too close to the original and the mekugi (pin) would never secure the blade properly. At that point they likely went back and fitted the Tsuka to the Nakago. There are two clear signature marks done after the nakago was filed. These are sometime removed or cut out during the ww2 conversion.

As for the fittings, we see typical army pattern Tsuba, Fuchi, Tsuka-gashira and Menuki. They are all in good condition. There is one aluminum Seppa on the top side of the Tsuba as well as 3 brass and one leather Seppa underneath. Due to time, the wood in the Tsuka has shrunk and the fitment is no longer tight. You could easily add additional Seppa to get a nice tight fit.
The Sa-me and Tsuka-ito (cord wrap and ray skin), show their age but are still intact. The sa-me appears to have shrunk significantly exposing the inner wrap.

The Saya or scabbard is in good shape but showing now frills as is typical on an army piece. The laquer has chipped at the inside and outside ridge, but is in remarkably good shape on the rest of the piece. The brass/copper retention rings are in good shape showing no signs of corrosion.

This is a great sword with a lot of value. Sword stand NOT INCLUDED.

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