SMG-0045 first model Luftwaffe scabbard and chain *SOLD


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This is a killer scabbard if you need to upgrade. This has later nickel plated steel fittings with an aluminum chain. We do often see this combination and it is 100% proper. What’s amazing is that the steel fittings are in spectacular condition! Usually (as you may know) the steel fittings have rusted badly and the nickel plating is in horrible shape. This one is a winner. The leather is about a 9 out of 10 as far condition goes. Sure there are some marks, but you know these leather parts are usually beat up from the feet up. The aluminum chain looks great and the clip is OLC marked. There is some hazing to the leather in spots which I believe is from the previous owner using a polishing compound of sorts and not getting it out of the leather recesses. Its not a hard thing to clean up if you have a little time. Just don’t use water based cleaner, or if you do use a Q tip and use caution.

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