SMGA-493 Iron Cross 1st Class Cased Paul Meybauer *SOLD


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This recent acquisition from Europe is unmarked. It has an iron core and is the pin back style. The case is marked Paul Meybauer and 621.KB. under the felt. There is a very aggressive and consistent veining that has developed over the years. This is very common on crosses this old but is usually more sporadic.A very interesting cross indeed! There is some rust that has developed at the corners and we have used an anti corrosion solution to halt the further spread of the rust. This unique cross will be enjoyable indefinitely in this condition. The beading seems to be very weak in detail, likely to a poor strike from the metal press. The case is in good operating order. The latch is strong and the spring is intact. There is some typical age showing on the inside, but it doesn’t look too bad. The exterior of the case shows a significant amount of wear, but remarkably the printed cross is mostly intact. The hinge is 100% on this example.
If you are looking for an interesting cased cross that wont break the bank, this is for you.

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