SMGA-847 East German STASI Shoulder Boards Junior Officer (1 Pair) *SOLD


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East German Germany NVA DDR GDR STASI Junior Officer Shoulder Boards Rank are old new stock but were never issued or used and date from mid 1970s on. These shoulder boards would be worn by 2nd Lieutenants or Unterleutnant with one pip, Lieutenants or Lieutenant with two pips, 1st Lieutenants or Oberleutnant with three pips, and Captains or Hauptmann with four pips (sorry but no pips come with these shoulder boards). The Stasi were the East German equivalent of the Soviet Union’s KGB and were the most effective secret service agency in the eastern block or Warsaw Pact and one of the most effective and repressive secret police agencies of all time. These shoulder board sets would be a great addition for militaria, espionage, Cold War, Warsaw Pact, historical reenactors, or Ostalgie collections. 3 Pairs available.

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