SMGAA WW1 Wyoming Award/Passes *REDUCED


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You may not have seen one of these before, they aren’t exactly easy to find. This one is in mint condition and comes with the original case from Gemsco and the mailing carton from the state of Wyoming Adjutant General! The Gemsco carton has ripped corners on the blue top. The Shipping carton is heavily worn and tattered but absolutely fantastic to have in the grouping. Awarded to James C. Logue. To sweeten the pot on this grouping we have two passes each issued to the same man. The first specifies his role as a “runner” on October 4th 1918 and signed by a 1st lieutenant L.L. Turley of the 318th Engineers. There is a tear on this pass. The second pass is from October 1st 1918 and gives James permission to be on the street of the “town” from 6:30am to 5:30 pm and signed by the same officer. Its interesting that two completely different passes were used and only days apart. If you are from Wyoming and collect WW1 items, this is a MUST. The set is nearly 100 years old! Worth professionally displaying in a frame!


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