SMGAEF-01 Eismeer Front Medal *SOLD


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These medals are tough to find. Some say there were a watch FOB, but i believe they’re originally intended to be worn as a medal and may have had a three link ribbon suspension. Finding one with the proper ribbon is nearly impossible. Most that you find have other ribbons attached to them or leather banding, possibly indicating that there was a problem with the original ribbon mount and maybe they were given without it. That all speculative though. This one has a makeshift OST ribbon bar attached to it, which would be a common ribbon to use since many of the Eismeer Front recipients saw action in the east as well. This one is zinc based with a nice copper flashing.


Awarded to Members of the Gebirgsjagers
Germany’s Elite Mountain Fighting Forces
During the 1942-1943 Eismeer, Norway Polar Ice Campaign For Honor and Service to the Fatherland.

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