SMGB-113 WW1 Prussian E.M Belt with buckle *SOLD


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WW1 Prussian Enlisted man buckle complete with its original leather belt. Buckle is of a two piece construction, and is stamped “GOTT MIT UNS” which translates “God With Us”. Good looking belt buckle, in solid shape, without any dings or damage. Brown leather belt in good shape with tab, and belt is still strong for its age. Size small and should fit around a 28 or 30 inch waist. I wouldnt try to adjust tab on belt as its old. These are getting rarer to find in this condition. This Particular belt buckle shows heavier scratches beneath the patina. We haven’t touch the green oxidation, although you could easily remove this with some alcohol and not effect or polish the base metal. Missing a rivet on clasp side of the belt. This piece is as we found it and priced accordingly. Good value.

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