SMGBP-01 Stalag IVF POW Camp copy of meing Kampf in English


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Published in Germany! Most foreign published English versions of Mein Kampf did not translate the title. This is a rare version solely on that. Then, you at the fact that it was a copy kept at the POW camp for English prisoners to read. They had access to a limited library, mostly propaganda. This one was actually brought home by a British prisoner named Percy Frederick Frank Adams. His family contacted us to sell this item. The last 4 pictures are for reference provided by the family, they are not included in the sale. The pictures do add significant provenance to the history behind the POW and the connection to the book. Here is a quote from a family member “Dante. Ok these are in my brother in law’s possession. These are his tags, and a tag from the first camp he was at. According to the brother, Percy went from ivb to ivf for a work detail. He also spent time at a camp in Italy, though not sure which one. Also have his birth certificate and an army release letter not sure if those would help. The release letter shows he had ?2, 10 p and 11 schilling credit.” The photos also some sort of inventation or memento about a dinner/function of some sort at the camp, as well as a form which states his date of capture and release. Very interesting stuff! Regretfully, the family is not willing to part with the other items at this time. Upon purchase, it will be shipping directly from the family. This is a rare chance to own a stunning and rare book with history can be traced back to a POW. FANTASTIC! If you have questions please contact us!

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