SMGCH-40 WW2 M40 Luftwaffe Single Decal helmet. *SOLD


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*REDUCED* Here is another gem up for consignment, courtesy of my neighbors helmet box purchase from the 80’s. There is a lot of good things going on with this one, as i believe the devil is in the details. The exterior of this helmet is finished in nice standard matte Luftwaffe blue -grey paint. The left exterior side of helmet has some very minor storage scratches, but what’s funny is that the right side paint job looks as if it were just painted and removed from the factories shelf. Inside, the tan leather liner has seen some very minute wear, is soft, and has stayed in great condition. It brings along it’s original? drawstring, which is intact. Inside one of the liner tongues is clearly stamped a “58”,? denoting the liner size.? What sets this helmet apart and makes it unique is the the decal flaw. When the decal was applied in the factory, part of the lower half of the swastika got turned or bent when it was applied. That decal flaw was never fixed, and issued that way. With that said, the beautiful second pattern Luftadler compliments this helmet, because of its color and condition. Its now a nice golden shade , crisp, and rates 99%. Interior stampings on the rear skirt is “1401” and on the left side bears “Q65” indicating that this helmet was manufactured by the Quist firm. No chinstrap on this one, but that doesn’t hurt it.? Rarely are helmets with decal flaws offered at this price.? This helmet will not disappoint. It has a? great eye catching paint job, and one heck of a unique bird.


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