SMGCOS-105 Nazi Navy Dagger E&F Horster *SOLD


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Dagger has matching numbered cross guard and blade, insuring this has likely never been fooled with. The grip is celluloid over wood and shows some obvious damage and missing of the wire wrap. Leather bumper is very wore but it appears to be the original. Blade has some oxidation, though much of it is superficial and could clean up with some work. The Horster Logo is clean and in great shape. outside of some oxidation the blade there is no major pitting or any dings in the blade edge. There is some light residue from some polishing of the brass on some of the fittings, but this can be cleaned up with ease. There is a very slight dent in the scabbard near the tip, and this area still retains its gilding, so I would imagine the dent happened a very long time ago. The dagger fits smoothly in the scabbard with a secure fit and the blade lock releases the dagger without too much preasure but not so light as it will come out on its own. This would make for a great fixer upper if you can locate a decent replacement grip. We have it priced so that you have plenty of room to go shopping for a new grip.

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