SMGCOS-111 Nazi NSFK Glider Pilot Dagger KMF *SOLD


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This early NSFK has a bunch of nice things going for it. First, the leather is in excellent shape on the handle and the scabbard, showing some dings and dents, but nothing serious. You can see where both pieces of Moroccan leather with seemed together as there is some separation from years of being handled. Early nickel fittings though out. Cross guard has the proper “K” caster mark with a clearly visible LWaA inspector mark of “96”. This corresponds with the “96” also found on the scabbard throat just below the remnants of a stick eagle. Also on the cross guard where the piece is missing a leather washer, we can see a large and clear “G” and “52”, these being property stampings. This is a smart place to put the stampings as it does not interfere with the cosmetics of the rest of the cross guard. Back to the scabbard throat we see the NSFK winged man symbol struck twice. The lesser strike too close to the throat opening so it was struck a second time. The upper scabbard fitting is regretfully missing the hanger loop. The blade is a typical SMF which has seen a fair amount of wear and appears to have some oxidation that was clean out of it, showing some recessed areas where there was oxidation previously. There is no silver frosting on the piece, as it was likely polished up by someone at some point. The Pommel nut has some dings in it as does the scabbard tip. There is little doubt that someone, period or not, used this bad boy as a tack hammer! If you are looking for a reasonably priced NSFK flyers knife with a bunch of nice proof marks, this is for you! PRICED TO MOVE!

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