SMGCOS-113 NSKK Dagger RZM 7/12 Max Weyersberg *SOLD


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Later period dagger with platted fittings through out and original painted scabbard. Scabbard paint is in good condition showing about 85% paint. There are no dents to the scabbard body but there is a dent at the ball on the scabbard lower fitting drag, which is fairly common. Judging by the perfect condition of the upper and lower fitting screws, id say this scabbard was never taken down for cleaning. The upper and lower cross guards show similar wear with a little more dimpling to the plating at the top guard. There appears to have been some type of fitment issue with the lower guard as you can see there are impressions and scraping fro the blade digging into the cross guard, likely in an effort to eliminate movement or play. Though not hand enhanced, the grooves on the cross guards are very crisp and squared. The wooden grip is in fantastic shape, but there is a crack at the top reverse. The aluminum eagle inlay is interesting as the head of the eagle seems to have been smashed some how. You can see from the pictures that the metal is bent over, suggesting this is not a casting flaw or manufacturer issue. The blade is marked RZM M 7/12 (Max Weyersberg) and is in fair condition, as it shows significant wear from use. The scabbard runners have worn through part of the etched motto. and there are a few dings to the blade. There is some discoloration from superficial corrosion. Some of this corrosion could be cleaned up further if desired. All in all, not a bad example for a new collection. Priced per condition.

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