SMGCOS-114 SA Dagger Late Period RZM M7/91 *SOLD


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Tough maker to find. Plated fittings throughout, with no interior cross guard markings. RZM M7/91 ( Malsch-Spitzer, Karl, Steinbach, KR.Meiningen, Th?ringen) RARE MAKER. Blade measures 22.3 cm from upper cross guard to tip. The blade itself is in excellent condition showing minor wear an all of the original cross graining. Its nice to find this maker with a good looking blade. The cross guards are typical late period construction with nickel plated zinc fittings. There is some oxidation occurring to the base metal, but the fittings are still holding up pretty good. The grip eagle appears to be nickel construction and is still in excellent shape. he SA emblem is looking great as well. The wood grain on his grip is a real eye catcher and has a nice coarse texture with a medium brown finish. Scabbard has the original paint and has never been repainted. The pictures make the paint look darker then it is. Shows about 85% of the original paint intact. All screws are present in he uppers and lowers. Domed screws show some tinkering with, but still 100% serviceable. Lower scabbard tip/drag is dented on the ball end which is common. The scabbard fittings are nickel plated steel. The lower fitting show some oxidation but it isn’t very deep. Included is the remnants of the original dagger hanger..just the clip. The clip is RZM marked m5/184 (linden & Funke). For a later period dagger I would grade this as excellent, with really the only issues stemming from later period construction metals.

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