SMGD-03 Army Dagger E. Pack *SOLD


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Here we have a choice or excellent + condition E-pack with mint conditioned knot. Recently acquired from Europe. The blade appears to have been a chrome variety with typical wear to the finish. The E-Pack etch is the 3rd and final variety from this firm, being produced later in period. The scabbard is a nice silver plated type with nice detail and no major dents, just some small dings here and there. The scabbard throat has a single retention screw in the center. The cross guard appears to be a Holler type which does raise an eyebrow as this maker used its own distinct cross guards. The pommel appears to be the correct style and finish to the guard and E-Pack was known to use this style. Why this guard is on this blade I can only speculate. What I can tell you is that the level of detail to the guard and pommel is exceptional. They are silver plated with very sharp and defined leaves and feathers.

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