SMGD-06 Rare WMW Dove Head Sword *SOLD


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This is a gorgeous WMW Sword with a 29″ blade. The scabbard is in excellent condition, but i believe it to be a repaint. No worries though, as it was done very well and isn’t too thick like some paint jobs. there is enough wear on the scabbard to match the condition of the sword nicely. The blade is killer, showing no signs of oxidation and a nice mirror finish. The tip of the blade has seen some repair it looks like. There is a bit of a coarse grind to the very tip, likely to repair a slight bend.? Even though a more coarse grind was used, it was done nicely and it isn’t visible until you have it right under your chin. The? brass? hilt is just gorgeous, showing all the hand detail and quality you would expect from this maker. We do see minor amounts of green verdigris and some polish residue in spots, which is typical and could be cleaned up if desired.? There is some minor wear on the black grip, but i still give the grip a 9 out of 10. The grip wire is 100% and very tight, with nominal movement. The sword knot is original to the piece and shows a moderate amount of wear, which would be appropriate for a sword in this condition. Don’t miss your opportunity to grab this hard to find sword!

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