SMGD-1 Hitler Youth Knife Late Period RZM 7/13 *SOLD


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Here we have your typical late model RZM HJ knife. Chrome over zinc handle construction. The chrome is well warn as you can see from the pictures. There is some play in the black grip panels, but nothing serious. A hairline fracture can be seen on close inspection near the top reverse rivet. The Enamel HJ inlay is secure, and has some play, which is a good indication of an original piece. Further down we see a really good condition bumper and a blade in good used condition. As expected, these knifes were used in the field for anything and everything, so wear can be expected with most examples. The RZM mark is deeply recessed. There are signs of sharpening, again, very common with these. Moving on to the scabbard see no dents and an original paint job. There is obvious oxidation but the base steel in in great shape. The leather belt loop is still rather supple and is missing a rivet which allows the scabbard to always find plum when hanging. You might wonder if this was an intentional modification. All in all, a nice example at a good price.

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