SMGD-108 s98/05 Butcher Bayonet 1916 *SOLD


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Low eared s98/05.Gorgeous factory re-worked and blued for post ww1 service. The condition of the blade would suggest this one never saw action since it was re-worked. Some s98/05 bayonets were refurbished for other uses. The original ww1 finish would be white or polished metal. This entire piece was blued, from blade to pommel. Bluing rates at about 95% with slight wear at the end of the blade. The blade is unsharpened and is immaculate with only one tiny ding that you can feel if you run your finger down the blade edge. 1916 crown over W marked makes this a Prussian issued Alex Coppel. The maker mark is clear and nicely stamped. There is an additional Crown over W on the underside of the cross guard. Pommel is stamped “104”. Press stud is functional and not hard to depress. Scabbard is nice with some moderate wear but no major dents or scratches. Bluing is 90% on the scabbard. Scabbard stamped “112”. These factory re-worked blades are really sweet, the bluing really makes them stand out. You will be hard pressed to find an original WW1 s98/05 Blued in better condition then this!

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