SMGD-109 1st Model Luftwaffe F.W. Holler *SOLD


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This First model Luft is a nice example but has a few issues and is priced accordingly. Both the dagger and scabbard have aluminum fittings through out, with the exception of the chain and clip which are nickel alloy. Pommel but is snug to the grip and has perfect threads. Leather over wood handle is in nice shape and is about 80%, showing some typical wear through in some areas. Cross guard silvering has oxidized to a deep blue/black patina and appears to me un cleaned or polished in its life with the exception of the area where the leather washer should be. The leather washer is not present but could easily be sourced and replaced. At first glance the blade appears to be in excellent + condition showing only minor scratches and some superficial oxidation. A closer look reveals that the blade has been professionally sharpened with a one sided chisel style grind on each blade edge. I don’t feel this is distracting to the blade. I’m sure the blade was cleaned up from time to time but it still shows 95% of the original cross graining. The F.W.Holler Mark is clear and deeply etched with the correct amount of notches on the thermometer. The chain and clip on the scabbard show no maker marks. One of the welds at the small link that connects one of the chain sides to the clip has separated, but still in good shape. Scabbard fittings have and aged patina to them, I suppose a future collector could clean them up if he or she desired, but then you would have to do the cross guard and pommel as well to match. The Leather is 90% on the scabbard, having a seem separation on the opposite side of the chain. Some leather is missing from this area and it may be wise to secure the lose leather with some type of adhesive to prevent further separation. All screws are present and I would say the scabbard fittings have not been touched since war time. If you are looking for your first First model Luft to add to your collection and you don’t want a complete piece of junk, but want to stay reasonably priced, this the dagger for you.

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