SMGD-1101 SS Dagger *SOLD


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This piece is sold with no scabbard.

This piece has late war nickel plated fittings, showing moderate but not excessive pitting and corrosion from time. The national eagle is crisp and well defined. The SS enamel ruins are in great shape showing a nice even patina to the silver. The wooden grip has a small crack which begins at the top of the SS ruin and carries down through the grip about an inch or so. There were some repairs made to the handle which appear to have been done many years ago. On the reverse of the handle you can clearly see a piece of wood was chipped off and glued back on. Opposite from that there appears to have been a similar chip that was repaired using some type of wood putty or similar substance. The grip was subsequently re-stained to match. This is possibly a period field repair. The grip could be repaired properly if the new owner chooses to do so. It would be a smart investment in my opinion. The blade motto shows about 50% of the blackening remaining. The Blade appears to have suffered from “sword play” resulting in the dings on the one edge of this piece. It always fascinates me to think of what the dagger went through in its life time and this type of damage is a reminder of some of the foolish things GI’s and children did to these souvenirs. The rest of the blade is in fair shape, showing some typical marks from cleaned up corrosion pits. Remarkably, there is still a fair amount of original cross graining visible. Priced right, with room for the new owner to make some repairs.

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