SMGD-115 NSKK Dagger w/ Frog RZM M/36 *SOLD


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Gorgeous NSKK here with matching aluminum fittings on he dagger. The Eagle is the nickel variety. The Scabbard fittings are plated steel as are the fittings on the frog.The scabbard itself is in great shape, showing no dings or dents and typical wear to the scabbard paint with light oxidation to the steel shell. The scabbard drag/ball tip is in great shape showing no dents, which can be hard to find in this condition. The Leather on the frog is still soft and shows no signs of tearing. The blade shows typical wear marks from going in and out of the scabbard, but you can still see the majority of the cross graining. These aluminum fitting daggers are neat to hold because you can feel the weight difference. Just a gorgeous piece in my book.

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