smgd-121Luftwaffe Gravity Knife RBNr. 0/0561/0020 *SOLD


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This knife just came in and was recently cleaned up, as the previous owner found it neglected in a basement. Fortunately this is is a take down version and was easy to bring back to life! First things first, the functions work perfectly on this knife. The blade comes out with no effort, and the marlin spike is easy to fold out as well. This knife originally was blued, but with time and rust removal a good portion has been lost. The oxidation was light in most spots, but there are still areas where you can see it. The throat shows some dings from in field use, as this was no wall hanger. On the throat is an arrow which matches the arrow inside the knife. These arrows allow the user to easily figure out how to reassemble the knife. The throat is marked “884” and matches the inside runner that is also marked “884”.? There is a rather coarse grind that is visible on the other side of the runner, north of the blade track. This was likely from smoothing out the top of the blade track, which usually gets flared out from use. It’s a little sloppy, and likely done after the war. When we began cleaning up the rust on the blade, a super shape edge was quickly revealed. There is evidence of a coarser grind, but who ever did the finish edge did a really good job. The thumb blade release is marked with “83” and is a bright nickel. The marlin spike has a partial waffenamt and doesn’t appear to have seen any real field use. the wood grips are in good shape, although there is some signs of age.? Over all, for a field used knife, this one is excellent. We added a light coat of oil to keep it looking it’s best. At this price, i don’t think it will last long.

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