SMGD-127 Early SA Dagger by F. Dick


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This early SA dagger has all the matching appropriate nickel fittings. All fittings have the same look and patina, insuring that this scabbard is original to the dagger. The lower cross guard is area stamped “SW” for “S?dwest” which was the area to include Baden and W?rttemberg. Paul F. Dick was one of only 6 firms that had a contract to supply this area. The blade on this dagger shows some moderate oxidation and some deeper pitting in a few spots. Time has spared the upper portion of the blade with the logo. The upper portion shows the F.Dick logo with famous arrow. This area is clean, clear of oxidation and shows the cross graining. There are no dings to the blade edge. The grip is a very pretty dark brown with a tiger pattern wood grain. The grip eagle is the nickel type and the SA enamel inlay is looking great with no major damage. The upper and lower nickle guards are excellent, showing a large amount of hand enhancing from the factory. The pommel nut is lose, which is nice, since you can easily take it town to inspect it. The scabbard is the real star of the show on this dagger. The anodized finish is insanely good. It’s not mint, but its nearly 100% intact and shows only minor scratches and oxidation. It’s so good, i had to look a few times just to make sure it wasn’t painted. Fittings have your typical wear, nothing too bad. Screws look great, no evidence of them ever being removed. A few dings to the lower ball tip, which is typical with these daggers. Also has a nice belt clip with nickel fittings and good condition leather. There are some fantastic features on this dagger and its priced very reasonably.

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