SMGDA-01 Fire Axe *SOLD


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Standard non deluxe pattern dress fire axe with recessed black Swastika field. “Fur Treue Dienste S.S. Riesa” Which translates to “For Loyal Service.” Riesa was a town in Saxony. The dedication plate is done by a skilled engraver by hand. The Wood handle is in great shape with most of the paint in tact. There are some dings and dents to the wood, but still nice. The solid brass axe head is in good shape. There are some blemishes here and there and no doubt some polish marks throughout its life. Id imagine you could let time blend all together or give the whole think a light buff to balance out everything. Either way, it’s a great looking piece.The lower butt fitting and two strike plates appear to have been originally nickel plated, but its tough to tell. I do not know exactly who or what this piece was dedicated to. With some research one may be able to figure that out.

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