SMGG-01 DAF Flag 46×56″ *SOLD


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Man do I love this flag! I’m a sucker for anything with metal pole loops. This bad boy is a high quality double sided flag. It is multi piece construction, nothing is printed. Even the swastika is sewn onto the white field! The silver bullion appears to be aluminum and has stayed very bright and clean. The red cloth does have some rips and holes in it. So, even though it will display well, I can’t call it mint. The aluminum pole loops are stamped “rzm m3/40/39″/ It appears that one loop is missing. On of the loops is a bit beat up. Over all, this is a fantastic flag with tons of cool features. These DAF flags are a lot harder to come by then many other flags. This is a fantastic size for and inside display. Big enough to make a statement, but not too big to show.

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