SMGG01 SOLD. WW2 Bren Gun MK1 Dated 1943 with Camo Transport Box


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SOLD. Very?Rare. This is a museum quality Bren MK 1 which is dated 1943, was used by?primarily by?the Canadians and?British during WW2. Its function?throughout the war was as a?light machine gun. Our museum quality Bren MK1 is a NON GUN and can not be made to fire live ammunition.?This weapon is comprised of all original parts. The bolt does not pull back to accept and load ammunition, however, this weapon does still retain its original?folding?cocking handle. ?Comes with its original detachable top fed banana magazine with its original blueing.?Feed port for magazine?has been blocked and can not accept ammo, and?the barrel cannot be interchanged. This BREN MK1 still retains?a folding swivel bipod, folding upper carrying handle, adjustable fire selector switch , its adjustable sight which moves up and down, and its sling, and all?original stampings.?One nice wow factor is that this Bren comes complete with its original “camo” transport case which looks and smells old. The case has a orange interior and a side compartment to store the magazine while mobile, as well as?an internal wood lever to?secure?weapon in place while in transport. This is a?very attractive and gorgeous looking NON GUN, and the photos just dont do it justice. I dont need to tell you how difficult these are to come by, just even without their original transport boxes.?Considering that this one comes complete with its own?”camo” transport box makes this one a very rare bird indeed.?Ideal for?display, the collector, museums, and historical puposes only. This is a very heavy NON GUN, so when ordering, please keep that in mind. Priced to sell.

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