SMGH-04 Luftwaffe M-35 First Pattern Double Decal ”Trophy” *SOLD


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*REDUCED* Double decal M-35 first pattern droop tail eagle or “Luftadler”. This helmet was acquired by a G.I. in WW2 and brought back as a trophy. It was very common for soldiers to bring back the enemies helmets and decorate the outside with painted symbols,?characters or names of towns and?locations of where they fought. In this particular case, the G.I. painted a big red swastika right on the front of it. This would not have been done by the German soldier, as it would be against regulations. What’s unusual about this helmet is the fact the the helmet has seen much wear due to combat?and age, but both of the original decals survive, and are in great condition and still stand out beautifully. The first pattern drooptail Luftadler has turned a nice shade of light yellow,?is crisp, almost intact, and rates about 98%. The eagle?literally just pops out at you.?The tri- color national shield rates about an 85%, and also stands out nicely. The white part has also turned a nice yellowish color due to age also, but?missing only a small bit due to a scrap.?Right smack dab in the front of the helmet is a red painted swastika?outlined with?a white border, and pretty old.?The?exterior shell is painted an early Luftwaffe semi gloss?as?was regulation on earlier helmets,?and has seen considerable use.?The M-35? liner has seen better days. The leather has turned a bit brittle and is cracking, and a?few?of the liner tongues have gone missing over the years, and?the drawstring is lacking. The liner band has the earlier square ”D” rings. The?interior rear skirt is?stamped with the lot number 4265, and the maker mark is ET 64, which indicates the Thale firm. This is a fantastic combat helmet for a Luftwaffe collector, trophy helmet collector, or someone who?just collects earlier examples of German helmets. I dont need to tell you how?sought after these?earlier?Luftwaffe droop tail helmets?have?become, and?the?”Trophy” status is what sets this one apart and makes?it very?unique, and very desirable. Too bad this one doesnt speak, as one could imagine all the stories it would tell. For this condition, priced right.

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