SMGH-05 Luftwaffe M-40 Single Decal *SOLD


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They dont come any saltier than this!?This German helmet retains about 80% of its original Luftwaffe grey factory paint. The second pattern Luftwaffe eagle stands out nicely and rates at about 85%,?and is still an eye catcher.?The dark brown leather liner has seen use but still resilient and pliable. Two of the leather tongues where the drawstring goes through has broken free, and there is a?very small tear inside, otherwise a nice solid liner.?The original drawstring has been replaced by an?old shoelace.?The chinstrap buckle portion?is?present?and in good, solid condition. The strap portion of the chinstrap seems to have been?broken off long ago?and only about four?inches remain.?Inside?left corner skirt is?stamped?Q62, indicating that this helmet was made by the Quist firm in Esslinger, Germany. Inside rear skirt is stamped DN156 indicating lot number.?Textbook example of a nice salty M-40.

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