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The?Nazi police shako, or more commonly?referred to as a “TSCHAKO”,?were made famous by the Geman police,?and closely resembled the Jaeger helmets of ww1. These were worn from the early 1920s?right up to the end of the war. This particular helmet is an early pattern,?which was worn?when?the Nazi party was in its infancy stages.?This is denoted by the fact that?it?has two additional holes in the front?for the attachment?of an earlier?plate or emblem,?which it previously?bore?in its lifetime, but was replaced with the?present one seen now. The leather body is?also of an early version green suede, and has one?eyelit on each side near the top, instead?of?a green wool body, and screened side vents, which is commonly seen. The helmet is slightly warped due to it’s age,?which is?somewhat common among?older leather helmets. The front and rear visors are solid and in good shape,?and show there age with tiny hairline cracks in the leather. The original leather chinstrap is in decent condition, but the right end has broken off and is concealed by the right?buckle. The front national emblem with eagle, swastika,?and oak leaves is still gorgeous, shiny, and retains its crispness after all these years. True to the helmet, and in fantastic shape?is the oval cockade?which inserts into a small slit on top. The black leather?top is not as straight as?it once was, but is clean and?strong for its age. The liner is not the m-35 pattern often seen, but a rarer, ww1 pickelhaube style liner, with a thick leather band encircling the inside of helmet.?The interior is clean, and inscribed inside the top of helmet?in what appears to be written with a?fountain pen is the name “HUMPTNER”?? If?I had to rate this helmet, it would rate?it a 75% . This is an early example of a helmet that is?getting exceedingly rare to find today, and due to?their uniqueness,?makes this an excellent investment. Priced right and to sell.

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