SMGH-12 WW1 German Stahlhelm M-16 *SOLD


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SOLD…The Model 1916 German helmet was first?introduced in WW1? during the Verdun Campaign, and was commonly referred to as the ”Coal Scuttle” helmet, because of its distinct shape.?Since it was introduced by the Germans 1916,?hence came the term M-16 helmet. ?This Stahlhelm still has its original WW1 pea green finish, which has seen some wear in its lifetime, but?still?looks great and is very attractive.?The shell is completely devoid of any cracks,?but has a dent in the?upper?left forhead or?brow area about?an inch long, possibly due to heavy?shelling, or?from debris such as rocks hitting it. One can only imagine .This of course, builds character. One noteworthy thing about this helmet is that on the back right side of the helmet, almost toward the rear split pin and moving forward to the right vent lug, there is a?rectangular faded area, about six inches by four inches,?which looks like a label was at one time?stuck?to the helmet.?I’m almost certain that this?faded area was where the doughboy who captured the helmet during ww1 stuck a postal tag along with his information on it,?and then mailed it back home to his family, friends, or sweetheart as a trophy.?As?the tag?was removed, it took some of the paint and finish off along with it.?The helmets liner system is an of true 1916 pattern, with an encircling leather band in fantastic condition, with the three leather pads?that have seen some wear, but on the whole, are in great shape. The three?pads still retain their?white?stuffed inserts, which still look amazing. It appears that someone used a large thick shoelace instead of its original drawstring. To me the only draw back is that?there’s?no chinstrap on this one.?Inside the right side of liner band?is written what seems to?be the name LT. TIEKER???This is truly a fantastic Stahlhelm with a great liner and paint, much character, and a lot of history. Too bad this piece doesn’t?talk,?however?it does?speak to?you in a different way. Priced right.

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