SMGH-13 WW1 M-16 German Stahlhelm. Named *SOLD


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*REDUCED* German WW1 model 1916 Stahlhelm. This Stahlhelm?retains about 85% of its original green paint on outer shell which still looks nice. Present are?the original leather liner band with original?split pins, which go through the leather liner band. The three brown leather liner tongues?are there and in decent shape, and still supple after almost 100 years. The?top portions of the tongues?where the drawstring ran through have broken off and are missing,?due to age and wear.?Inside on one of the?tongues inner pad?holders is clearly?written?”BRUST” and named to that soldier.?One of the helmets chinstrap rings are present, and the chinstrap insertion area has succumbed to a bit of?rust, however it is there and?original to the helmet. Interior is clean and clearly stamped on inner skirt maker mark and size RF64.? A?nice clean M16?that can be traced back to its owner.

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