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AWESOME! Finding nice award documents can be hard enough, but finding large groupings awarded to one man is really tough! The person named on all the documents is Albert Lauger. On May 14th 1938 he was awarded a 25 year faithful service cross. This award document has an embossed stamp of the Nazi eagle and a facsimile signature of state secretary Meissner. Interestingly, he was issued the 40 year Faithful service cross only a few months later on Auguest 20th 1938. This validates the fact that this award was handed out more liberally and the time frames for obtaining this award were rarely actually 40 years. However, judging by Albert’s age, he actually did qualify for the 40 yr. award. Some claim that the criteria was half of what the award should have been. This one has a large embossed eagle and swastika and a facsimile of Hitler?s signature. It is on a form of a folder. Both the faithful service certificates have not been folded down the center like many. Great condition for their age. The next item issued to Lauger was a war merit medal on January 30th, 1945. This is very interesting as this was near the end of the war. This man seemingly made it to the end of this great conflict. This document has a crease in the center form a fold. It has “Dr. Meissner” typed at the bottom. It is interesting to see there is no facsimile on this one, likely due to the lack of proper paper stock at the end of the war. Next in the grouping we have a membership card from the German postal service dated April 1st 1907! Then we have a veterans “Krieger-Verein” membership card signed to Albert by three other leaders. This organization was in his home town of Lorrach Germany. There is also the accompanying hand book for the same veterans association in the grouping. The book is bound with staples and a green spine. It’s in pretty good shape, Albert likely never even looked at it. Lastly we have a membership card for the Association of Government workers issued in 1937. This card also has Alberts birthday as 1877! So we have a man who was active in service to his country for many years, through 2 world wars! Truly as special grouping that chronicles the journeys and accomplishments of a true German Patriot. If you would like to purchase the appropriate medals to go with this grouping, please contact us and we will give you a discount on the medals.

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