SMGP-04 German WW1 era Railway Map.


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This interesting little map is showing its age, especially on the front cover, but still doesn’t keep me from being interested and curious. Marked clearly on the cover with a train and reads “EISEBAHN UND REISKARTE”, which means Railroad/Railway and travel map. These were usually captured by US soldiers during WW1, as they provided legit markings to railways and other surroundings- something very prized during wartime. On the inside front cover, there is a complete listing of all the towns it covers. The Green cover face is showing its age, and has some minor soiling on it. The back cover is neat, as it depicts a small sample of the map on the back. It looks like at some point someone neatly and inconspicuously taped the front and back covers together. A nice little paper souvenir that came from a veterans estate along with a few other items from the Great War. This map measures 23″ x 28 1/2 inches, and is strongly detailed and in color.

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