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This particular book is in very good condition and all the pages are minty, no rips or stains. There is only moderate usage as shown by the entries. There is a crease on the front cover. All pages with entries are pictured. 2nd style


“The Arbeitsbuch was a result of the Labor Law of February 1935 that required labor registration and the use of the appropiate document. The purpose of the Arbeitsbuch was to document the work history of each German citizen. During the twelve years of the Third Reich the Arbeitsbuch came in three editions. The main dif-ference were the variations of the cover. The first style? came with a Weimar eagle and small swastikas on all four corners and the words Deutsches Reich and Arbeitsbuch in the old German Fraktur lettering. On the cover of the second style the Nazi eagle replaced the Weimar eagle and the swastikas in the corners were discon-tinued. The third style had a slightly changed Nazi eagle but the Fraktur lettering was replaced by the simpler Altschrift. The Arbeitsbuch had, depending on which edition, between 32 and 38 pages. This document was for German citizens only, foreigners who worked in the Reich had to carry a similar book which was printed on a different color paper and which contained a photo of the owner while no photo was required in the domestic document. This was the “Arbeits-buch f?r Ausl?nder”. “

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