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This document is gives Lieutenant General “Heitz” Power as president over the military court. Translated word for word as:
In The Name Of the Reich As of the 1st of October 1936 I appoint: The Lieutenant General “Heitz” at the officers available for the high command of the army (other officers) as president of the Military Court. Munich, 2nd October 1936. Thee Fuhrer and Reich chancellor Adolf Hitler. Also signed by the supreme commander of the Army Fritsch and War minister Blomberg.

WERNER VON BLOMBERG (1878-1946) and WERNER VON FRITSCH (1880-1939) were German army officers who had served with distinction in World War I. After becoming Chancellor in January 1933, Hitler moved swiftly to consolidate power, but acted cautiously with regard to the German Army. In 1935, Hitler named von Blomberg Minister of War, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, and the regime’s first Field Marshall; he named von Fritsch Commander in Chief of the Army. Fritsch reportedly loathed the Nazis, but remained silent about their excesses. Blomberg, on the other hand, proved a devoted follower of Hitler, nicknamed “rubber lion” for his servility. Neither silence nor sycophancy availed the Generals. In 1938, in a campaign scripted by Hitler’s #2, Hermann Goering, Blomberg was blackmailed for having married a former prostitute, while Fritsch was falsely accused of homosexuality. Both were obliged to resign. Blomberg refused the option of annulling his marriage and retaining his post. He lived out World War II in obscurity, testified at the Nuremberg trials, and died in detention. Fritsch was acquitted in a court martial (March 1939), but not restored to his post. Recalled to active duty in a lesser position, Fritsch became the first German general to die in World War II. (Wounded while inspecting front line positions during the Polish campaign, he refused medical attention, and died soon thereafter, perhaps deliberately.)

As for Heitz: Walter Heitz was born in Berlin, Germany and joined the military in 1898. He saw action in WW1 as a member of the 36th West Prussian Field Artillery Regiment, receiving the Iron Cross First Class and Second Class awards during the conflict. Between 1931 and 1936, he was the Commandant of K?ningsberg in East Prussia, Germany, during which, in 1934, he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant general. A staunch supporter of the Nazi regime in Germany, he was appointed the President of the Supreme Military Court in Aug 1936, and held this position until 1939. In Apr 1937, he was promoted to the rank of full general (General der Artillerie). When the European War began in Sep 1939 with the German invasion of Poland, although at the age of 61 he was eligible for retirement, he remained in service. In Sep 1939, he served as the Commandant of Danzig. In Oct 1939, he became the commanding officer of the VIII Corps, and in this capacity he participated in the invasion of the Low Countries and France. On 4 Sep 1940, he received the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross award. At the helm of the VIII Corps, he also participated in the invasion of the Soviet Union, leading troops until he was captured at Stalingrad in southern Russia. He was known as one who obeyed Adolf Hitler’s orders verbatim, and had threatened his men with arrest and execution should they attempt to fall back from Stalingrad against Hitler’s orders. On 21 Dec 1942, he was awarded oak leaves to his Knight’s Cross. On 30 Jan 1943, days before the Germans were defeated in Stalingrad, he was promoted to the rank of colonel general. On the following day, Field Marshal Friedrich Paulus surrendered the German troops at Stalingrad, and in turn Heitz was also captured. He was transferred to Moscow, Russia as a prisoner of war, and was uncooperative with his captors. He passed away from cancer before the end of the war in Moscow while still a prisoner of war and was buried in Krasnogorsk near Moscow.

This is a very significant document in the history of the 3rd Reich and all points in it can be traced back to specific events recorded and known in history. It comes with a signed letter of authenticity from JSA, a world leader in signature authenticity. Certification number Z02736 the document also comes with a photo post card of Hitler and an actual photo of Hitler with two other men.

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