SMGP-191 Landjahr Album 1936 *SOLD


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This fascinating book from a BDM girl enrolled in a Landjahr program is loaded with great photos and some valuable insignia! As you open the pages you really get a rare look at the day to day activities. There obviously some photos missing…i have no idea what was one there. Never the less, if you are a BDM collector this is a must have!.

HJ boys and BDM girls completing their primary education had the opportunity to worked on farms. The program was called Landjahr, meaning land or country year. This was the experience. Another associated term was Landdienst or country service. This was the name of the program within the HJ organization. There was considerable support for the concerns that created the Bund der Artamenen within the NAZI Party. As a result, the NAZIs decided not only to continue the program, but to expand it. The NAZIs at Gustrow in Mecklenburg changed the name of the Bund der Artamenen to the Landdienst and incorporated it into the Hitler Jugend organization (1934). It thus became the Landdienst der Hitler Jugend or the Hitler Youth country service program. The Landdienst thus sought to give city boys the opportunity to work on farms for a year. It was hoped that this would imbue these youth with a love of the land with the hope that some would become farmers. The Bund der Artamenen had been a program for male youths. The Landdienst decided to expand the program for females as well. The youths loved in Lnd Jahr camps. Ecery morning they marched out to neighboring farms who had work for them to do. At camp when not working the children as part of the program was received a generous dose of NAZI political organization. The Landjahr despite the name was not really a 1 year program. The service period was 8-9 months. The reason for this of course was there was no real need for agricultural workers during the Winter. And the volunteers could be housed in basic camp facilities which as they did not need to construct winter quarters were relatively inexpensive. In addition, most of the Landjahr youths were young. Most of the youths involved as well as their parents would want to be home for Christmas. The Landjahr was for children who finished school at age 14 as well as older youths. Male Landjahr volunteers had to be between 14 and 18 years old. The age range was wider for female volunteers, in part because they were not conscripted into the military like male youth. In addition to the primary purpose of bringing city youth in touch with the land, it also was an unemployment measure. Many school leavers could not find jobs. Female volunteers ranges from 14-21 years old . Female volunteers needed written permission from their parents. Volunteers had to have a medical examination to assure that they were fit for manual labor which constituted about 54-60 hours per week. The volunteers worked without pay which probably limited the appeal of the program. They did receive receive free room and board as well as 5 Marks per month for spending money.

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