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The SS runes and national eagle are nickel. This grip is a little unusual that it has a high shoulder where the lower cross guard would meet it. This lets the grip shoulder sit above the cross guard and not flush to the top of the guard. I’ve seen this on some RZM daggers that were 100%, but I’m not sure which makers would have used these. The blade that was attributed to this grip was Gotlieb Hammesfahr, and we know that this firm used a variety of different suppliers for dagger parts. The vertical runes throw me off as they are more commonly on a -1pm-7pm angle. They have been observed at the 12:00 position on genuine pieces though. There are nicks that appear on the top of the grip (as it would suspend from a hanger) which appear to be from repeated contact with the original hanger. I believe this to be a transitional grip, but it certainly isn’t a match for every SS dagger out there.

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