SMGP-216 78×40 Vehicle ID Flag *SOLD


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These flags were mounted on hoods and trucks of tanks and other vehicles to prevent friendly fire during fast paced blitzkrieg style fighting. Especial useful to help the Luftwaffe.
If you are looking for a near mint example this is a good choice! the 78″x40″ size is table sized, not too big for display as a backdrop. There are brass grommets in each corner. The the field has a printed swastika and the field is sewn to the red flag. It is single sided. There are no holes or major stains that i could find. This is really a top shelf example. Also neat on this flag is that the original seamstress must have had a small “wrinkle” once she got to the end of sewing the white field, so to remedy it, she put in an extra line of stitching. Pretty neat as you don’t often see that, but totally original to the day it was made.

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