SMGP-231 2nd model Luft by Weyersberg *SOLD


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These Weyersbergs really are some of the best quality daggers. This one is a home run all the way around. All parts are consistent with other un touched examples. Starting at the pommel, there is a light shade of the gilding left on the swastika, which is very tough to find on any 2nd luft. The pommel sits perfectly flush and finger tight when the swastika is lined up even with the cross guard. A true sign of quality in its own right. The solid celluloid grip is nearly flawless. It only shows basic and common dings and marks from wear. The aluminum wire wrap is one of the nicer ones you will encounter, showing only the smallest amount of wear. The ferrule is silver plated steel, which was common for Weyersberg to use on its daggers. Remember, brand new silver plate would be bright white to match the aluminum cross guard. The cross guard itself shows a high level of hand detailed oak leaves on the top. This is a unique pattern to the Weyersbergs. Coming to the gorgeous chrome blade we see more of the same quality. The pronounced trademark is nice and clear and the blade only suffers from the faintest of runner marks. I’m particular about calling it mint…but other top dealers would call it mint. For me, its near mint and almost impossible to upgrade. The scabbard is in very nice condition which can be tough on these steel versions due to corrosion problems. There is a small dent near the tip and an odd impression in between the two aluminum hanger fittings. I think the scabbard is very pleasing to the eye even with these marks. Overall, this is a top quality dagger that anyone would be proud to have in their collection

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