SMGP-270 DLV by Paul Weyersberg *SOLD


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Gorgeous DLV! This is a fantastic example, being of early silvered nickel construction. There are some trace amounts of lacquer with show a brighter white. The rest of the silvered fittings have take on a very attractive toning. The grip leather is nearly flawless showing no typical peeling or missing bits. There is some very minor wear, but easily one of the best of I have ever seen. The cross guard is in impeccable shape, with one notable exception. There is a nick on the swastika medallion on the maker mark side. It looks to me, as if someone wanted to de-nazify it and realized it wasn’t going to be an easy task. The caster mark “K” is clearly visible. The blade length is correct, coming in at nearly 7 inches. The blade retains it’s non sharpened factory edge and is free of any dings or dents. The maker mark is nice and clear and the blade retains most of its original cross graining, with only a few superficial oxidation marks. There is one odd thing on the side opposite the maker mark. There is a more aggressive tool mark that was not done by a hand tool. It’s kind of like a deeper cross graining. It isn’t a grinding mark. Your guess is a good as mine. Looks like some sort of mark from a bench mounted wheel of some sort. Post factory clean up job from some rust or a scratch? Going on to the scabbard, we have your typical DLV stamp on the throat. The factory screws were loosened up a bit to allow for a looser fit. By the looks of the screws, it was done by the original owner in the ’30s. The leather on the scabbard is in the same great shape, however there is a wear spot close to the upper fitting and lower fitting. The ball end is perfect. The leather hanger has the appropriate nickel fittings and is in working order.

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