SMGP-278 Hitler youth Proficiency Badge Bronze by Steinhaur & L?ck *SOLD


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Usually you find these things beat to shit and missing the finish. This one is killer though! Bronzed aluminum construction RZM marked M1/63 and numbered 187155
The quality on this Steinhaur & L?ck is just superb. Upgrade yours today!

The award was instituted in three classes in June 1934 by Reichsjugendf?hrer Balder von Schirach, as an incentive to improve the physical and ideological proficiency of the varying age groups of the growing membership of the Hitler Youth. It was stated at the time that the HJ achievement badge was a prestigious award which every fit and ambitious Hitler boy and HJ leader should aim for. It was only to be awarded by the Reichsjugendf?hrer to those who meet the stringent requirements that had been laid down. Those who wished to be awarded the badge would have to take a very keen part in at least 8 ideology study periods. These would be held as part of weekly meetings. All members of the Hitler Youth were issued a Leistungsbuch to record the achievements of the members and then to act as a certificate of proficiency. For members of the Marine-HJ and the Motor-HJ there were to be additional tasks, which would test the disciplines specific to these respective organisations. DJ and HJ boys were issued a book with one set of grading standards while the JM and BDM girls were given a book with another set. The award was primarily intended to test the abilities of the members in the following areas, Sport, Small-calibre (or air-rifle) shooting and Field Exercises.

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