SMGP-329 Unmarked S&L Iron cross 2nd class (EK2) *SOLD


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This is a spectacular cross. As the son of a rare coin dealer, ive always appreciated beautiful toning. This S&L (Steinhaur & Luck) has been fortunate enough to develop what the rare coin world describes as rainbow toning. For this to happen, very specific things need to happen. First, this type of toning only occurs on genuine silver or silver plate. Second, the surface must be clean to start with, no dirt, oil or impurities. Third and perhaps the most difficult, is the storage of the item. It must be stored in a paper envelope or breathable place, so that air can react with the silver. The air or bag will have trace elements like sulfur that react with the silver causing the toning. The toning does not always develop in such a beautiful way making a cross like this exceedingly rare. The core, as you can see is absolutely mint. This makes sense, as the rest of the cross must have been perfect to develop such gorgeous toning. This is a killer EK2 for a collector of exemplary crosses. It’s difficult to show the color in the photos, in assure you, in hand it is gorgeous.

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