SMGP-442 DRK Dagger with damaged grip *SOLD


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This DRK is actually in really good shape beside the broken grip. The blade grades an 8 out of 10 with some minor scuffs and surface oxidation. The cross graining is nearly 100%. The edges are un sharpened and ding free. The scabbard has 95% of its finish, with just the slightest oxidation in spots. The cracked grip is most likely from someone thinking the pommel just in screws. So, I went ahead and took down the handle to make sure it was good inside. Sure enough, the two brass lock nuts are present and in fine working order. So, you can upgrade this grip and turn this into a very desirable piece. You can show it front side for a while, know one will be the wiser. A really nice option if you cant afford $1200-$1600 for a perfect one!

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